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Skype™ Therapy

Although we prefer to see all our clients face to face at The Children’s Rooms in Poynton, we realise that this is not always possible. We are able to offer Skype™ with one of our specialist child psychologists in certain situations.

If you don’t already use Skype™ then you can find all you need to know by visiting www.skype.com/en/what-is-skype/

Skype™ sessions are available if you wish to ask for advice from a psychologist about your child but not for long term therapy with a child.

When considering whether to undertake Skype™ therapy it is important to take the following into consideration:

  • You will need to be in a confidential setting for your sessions so that you can speak openly.

  • Technology can, and sometimes does, fail. Your therapist will discuss with you, during your first session, what will happen if this occurs.

All Skype™ sessions must be paid for in advance by either sending a BACS payment into a nominated account or by PayPal. Details will be provided when you book your first session.

To book a Skype™ therapy session please just phone or email us. You will then speak to a therapist who can arrange this for you if it is appropriate..

Skype™ Therapy is available from Dr Lucy Kornecki